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FERPA overview

FERPA, or the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, is a Federal law that governs access to and control of student information. A full description of the act is available through the Department of Education

Edgewood College Education Records Policy

Directory information

While FERPA limits the disclosure of many types of student information, it does allow schools to disclose certain information, known as “directory information” that is used primarily for administrative tasks.

Edgewood College definition of directory information

Release of FERPA information

FERPA prevents colleges and universities from freely discussing student financial information with other parties, even parties, such as parents, who might have a legitimate need to know about that information. The FERPA financial release form has been designed to allow students to permit Edgewood to discuss a limited set of financial information with up to three selected individuals. This form is available to students via Edgewood Express.

Students who wish to allow Edgewood College to release other information that is held in confidence because of FERPA regulations may do so by completing the following release form.

Student Information Release Authorization

Guidelines for Releasing Student Information

FERPA confidentiality request

Students who wish to prevent the disclosure of ANY information, INCLUDING directory information, may fill out the FERPA student confidentiality request. Please note that this means that the college is unable to provide other educational institutions or potential employers with ANY student information, including a basic verification of enrollment or proof of degree, which can sometimes pose difficulties for students who are applying for jobs or seeking admission to other schools. This form can also be used to withdraw a confidentiality request, should that prove necessary.

FERPA student confidentiality request