Every student is assigned to an Institutional Catalog (“Catalog”) at the time of being admitted to Edgewood College. The Catalog is published annually. It outlines institutional policies, academic programs, and program requirements to complete the degree or credential. 

Because program requirements can change from year to year, it is possible for students to change the Catalog to which they are assigned. For example, if you started in 2019 and a new minor is created in 2020, you could “catalog up” to the 2020 Catalog, because the program didn’t exist when you started in 2019.

Changes to Catalog Years can only go forward, into the future; a student cannot be moved from 2019 to 2018, for example.  And all declared majors and minors must be out of the same Catalog Year.

You can change your “Catalog Year” by working with your advisor and submitting this form. Once you are assigned to the new Catalog, you can declare Majors and Minors that are found in that Catalog.


Request to change catalog year